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Groups Com_Publisher Created



    Has there been a birth or marriage in your family that you want to announce to the world?

    12 members


    Armistice / Remembrance Day

    All things to do with the Poppy Appeal and Armistice / Remembrance Day

    9 members


    Christchurch Rowing Club

    Christchurch Rowing Club. Everything to do with rowing in Christchurch and its Regattas etc.

    2 members


    Regent Centre

    Regent Centre, Christchurch

    10 members



    Anything to do with town centre markets

    5 members

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Groups Com_Publisher Joined

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    HengistBury Head

    Pics from the Head

    11 members

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    171 Sqn. (Christchurch) Air Cadets

    If you are 13 - 16 years old (boy or girl), you are welcome to come and join us. Check out our website for more info.

    13 members

  • Profile image for DancerJen

    Boghoppers & Bushbeaters Morris

    We are a mixed Morris side, although currently all our dancers are female, dancing mainly North West Morris. New dancers and musicians always welcome

    8 members

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    Anti Social Behaviour

    Any news or views relating to Anti Social behaviour

    16 members

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    Get all of the latest Christchurch Events news and join the discussion on the Christchurch

    78 members

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