Kids nearly back at school, is it a good one ?

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By Com_Publisher | Friday, August 27, 2010, 18:24

With the kids almost back at

school now, we’d like to hear from parents who are sending their child either to

primary or secondary school for their first year.

What made you choose that

particular school – was it simply a case of that an older child already attends

and the younger is following suit, if this is the case - are you happy with the

schools performance or is it just easier to have more than one child at the

same school ?

If you are a parent sending your

child to a new school, how did you make your choice ? Did your child get

allocated your preferred school ? If not, how do you feel about that ?

Which are the best local schools,

what do you think? What’s good and bad about the local schools and the system ?

I was recently told by a lady that her son had just completed his  ‘A’

Levels at a “top performing school” She said that both her and her son had deep regrets about him staying on at the same school into 6th form and they really had wished they had looked around at other schools and what they offered rather than just "staying put". "Music was a particular passion but the head of

music ended up spending quite some time producing a show in the local theatre, during

a particularly important part of the course, leaving the students pretty much

to fend for themselves ! Complaints were lodged by irate parents and apologies

were made, but things like this should not happen, especially at critical times

in the curriculum".

Do you have similar experiences ?

If so we would love to hear about them.

How is your child going to travel to school and do you think the Local Authority caters for you, particularly if you are in a rural area. Do you have no choice than to join the school run in your car every day ? If the thought of that turns your blood cold then there may be a scheme already in place at the school called a "walking bus", if there isn't, then why not think about setting one up yourself ? Information can be found here at Walking School Bus.

A useful website is the Dorset for You, Council run site here is a very handy page, simply called School Transport and contains all sorts of information. It's worth a look. 

Is your child eligible for free school meals ? Check out the page Free School Meals, which contains eligibility checking process and application information.

And of course, not to forget the dates for your diary - School Term and Holiday Dates.

We hope these links may be useful to you.

Don't forget, let us know your reasons behind your school choices and any other school related comments in the box below.



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    Wendy Savage
    chose closest school as i went to a different school almost every year due to parents in the army here and abroard.
    i want consistancy for my daughter and the closeness of friendships that started in preschool.
    i never had this and always like the outsider.
    also school was a low scoring one so the only way it could go was up or else, thogh still some points i am not happy with it has improved alot. im sure there is always something about a school parents are not happy with, i will just deal with them if and when they effect my child.
    i want for her what i did not have and for that im willing to live where i am for some time even if i dont like it.
    she is happy , healthy and doing very well i cant even praise her foundation teacher enough, going into year one i have heard bad things about her new teacher but i reserve judgement untill i have seen how beth is doing so will review at xmas break . if im not happy im sure i can talk to the school about my concerns and give them a chance to sort it out.

    By Com_Publisher at 18:50 on 30/08/10

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    Nicky Williams - I love having my kids at home and have never been one of those parents who long for the holidays to be over, however I feel that school is important for them not just in accedemic ways but also to improve social skills.

    By Com_Publisher at 18:49 on 30/08/10

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