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Who has seen all the new Dog poo bins around the town? Have you noticed tha they have all been replaced with new one's and that the height has been adjusted on them all. Instead of being at adult high waist height they are now AT KNEE HEIGHT! All those toddlers who can now runover to the lovely bright red bins and open the lids and put their hands in!! This action by the council has cost a fortune and they are all now a health hazzard. ALL were replaced in cluding those that had nothing wrong with them. Please rattle the council's cage.


By simosimpson at 17:04 on 05/02/11

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    No, just seen much more dog poo on the pavements - this does dog owners no favours - its disgusting - even the schools are having to put notices on the school fences requesting dog owners not to let dogs foul the pavements . . . barrack road is just disgusting .

    By matthew3112 at 22:23 on 07/02/11

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    You are so right Matthew - what's happened to the dog wardens? They could fill the council coffers with fines from dog owners who don't clean up their dog's mess. The worst area is the path that goes twixt the old barracks and the industrial estate that leads down to the old Bailey Bridge as there are no poo bins in the area what so ever. I'm a dog owner and proud to be a POO PICKER!

    By simosimpson at 20:26 on 08/02/11

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    I too am a dog owner and hate the fact that thanks to some irresponsible dog owners we have to tip-toe around parts of our town to avoid getting poo on our shoes. Sod the new bins, nothing beats having dog wardens out on the street fining people. It's the only way to clean up the town.

    By MrBobBobly at 14:05 on 10/02/11

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    Cant remember the last time i saw a dog warden! I suppose the Council will put it down to being to expensive.

    By steff_emz at 21:48 on 29/04/11


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