Wick Ferry, an alternative to sitting in traffic to and from Christchurch on Tuckton Bridge ?

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By Com_Publisher | Sunday, March 25, 2012, 19:25

Wick Ferry runs across the River Stour between Wick village and Christchurch. At only 90p each way, is it an alternative for those coming into town from Southbourne?

The car park in Wick is currently FREE, if you don't need a lot of shopping it may be a useful alternative to popping into town and avoid the stress and wasted fuel as you sit patiently, or not, in the queue to get over Tuckton Bridge while the road works are in operation !

Some historians believe that the first ferry rights were granted before the Christchurch Priory was built, which would make the service nearly 1000 years old, but nobody disputes that the service is 200-250 years old !

The Ferry runs from now, every day (weather and tide permitting) until the end of October, from 10am until 5pm (or 4.30, check with Captain when you get on!)

If the flag is flying, the ferry is running.

Bournemouth Boating Services also run river cruises and frequent ferry service between Tuckton Tea Gardens, Wick Ferry, Christchurch Quay and Mudeford Sandbank for the beach and Hengistbury Head. Children half price. Reduced rates for parties. Self Drive Motor Boats and Rowing Boats also for hire at Wick Ferry & Christchurch Quay.

Please contact them on for further information 01202 429119



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    Thanks of interesting post

    By ccp_taag_jsg at 10:32 on 29/09/12

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    in response to the previous two posts .... Good grief beachhutman1 How on earth you can go on for so long bringing down, what I thought, was a rather nice article on an alternative way of going shopping, or for a walk in Christchurch by using the little ferry while the roadworks were on is beyond me - seems like it is just a way of getting a plug for your blog.
    You say the main thing is to keep the car as far away as possible, well this is what the article suggests. Because you seem to rant for so long, I can't work out whether you like the article or not, or don't understand what it's saying.
    We love Christchurch and the beautiful scenery and walks it has to offer.
    Alice in Wonderland being used to brainwash visitors !? I'm sure you are quite a clever and nice chap, but you seem rather a ranter and possibly just a little bit potty !!!

    By scrandad at 00:50 on 30/03/12

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    That links gone bad, if you really want to se why Disney is not all it seems, then http://tinyurl.com/7afnx2h
    should work, the shortened version in the previous posting was not liked by the tiny url server employed by this site. Or just google Tim Baber and Menngele and maybe even the Alice in Wonderland Maze..which is another tourist honeypot much needed by the town to bring in business without ruining the environment.
    The concerns it might be used to brainwash visitors is a wider concern making the hazard any such vigilant notion is concerned about almost imperceptible compared to the saturation in out television and cinemas..

    By beachhutman1 at 12:28 on 26/03/12

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    Sadly the observation, sitting in ques over Tuckton Bridge conceals and reveals that this square mile has become oversubscribed, and the most effective way to unsubscribe it is to push vehicular access further back away from the honeypot, Hengistbury Head and Christchurch Harbour;s Mudeford sandbank. The Broadway was so shortened and a success that has been. Ferries of course are an essential service, merging transport with tourism in a lovely self regulating way. The Noddy Train in 1968 was feared as a sort of Disney contamination (for that being the start of a colonisation of your mind see my website about too much influence at http://tinyurl.com/88gp8bu) but turned out to be a self regulating filter wearing out only rubber tyres on a tarmac road. But it was and is a close thing.
    to effectively saturate an area and make it if anything even more desireable or accessible. The main thing is to keep the car away as far as possible.
    Then fewer cars will be queing on the Tuckton Bridge and the enjoyment of nature will increase for those prepared to get out of their cars and walk.
    It should never be easy to get to a honeypot site. Remember The Bridges of Madison County....coaches arrive hourly, disgorge their passengers to use the river as a toilet, and the Bridge that inspired Pooh Stick racing by Winnie the Pooh, all vegetation has been stripped for a radius of 100 yards by car borne emulators. Nature needs a buffer zone of contemplative walking and merging
    with what is to be found, and seeking it to remain so.

    By beachhutman1 at 12:19 on 26/03/12

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