BNP - What do the people of Christchurch think to this latest release from Nick Griffin MEP

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By Com_Publisher | Friday, September 16, 2011, 23:47

The last time we ran an article on the BNP in Christchurch, they had a table set up outside the Mayors Parlour with a "Support Our Troops" Campaign running. It created quite a stir amongst the population of Christchurch with both positive and negative feedback.

Now BNP Leader Nick Griffin seems to be stepping up a gear and as he says they are "fighting back" against the BBC.

What do you think to this latest article from him. We'd be interested to hear your views. Mr Griffin's article follows in it's entirity. Please post  your comments in the "Comments" box below the article.

"BBC attack dogs gear up for another smear campaign!

Huge assault on the British National Party...

This time it's different - Now we're fighting back"

"I'm sure that you, like me, are absolutely sick of all the lies and PC nonsense that the BBC pump out. And I expect that you've already heard that Panorama is launching another vicious attack on the British National Party. That's why I'm writing to you personally to tell you how they plan to smear us – and to give you the good news that we're already fighting back.

Remember the last time they tried to destroy us? Panorama used a turncoat branch organiser who was working as a paid informer for the far-left Searchlight operation, and an undercover reporter. They used every dirty trick to try to get me sent to prison for speaking out on the scandal of Muslim grooming gangs.

The BBC haven't just attacked and abused me all these years: they've tried to crucify our entire party. They've mocked and subverted our Christian religion and British traditions. They've particularly ridiculed and insulted the English and demonised the loyal folk of Northern Ireland. But no-one's suffered at their truth-twisting hands like we have. Can anyone ever trust the BBC again after such disgusting interference in the democratic process?

If the BBC and the police had listened to us and investigated our evidence about the Muslim paedophile drug rape gangs, thousands of innocent children and their families wouldn't have had their lives torn apart and ruined.

Now the Panorama smear team are at it again. Except that, this time, instead of trying to get me imprisoned, the BBC and a little clique of bitter turncoats, paid infiltrators and rivals with axes to grind are trying to assassinate my character and break your faith in our noble Cause. Make no mistake, these repeated attempts show that they aren't just trying to stop us; they are trying to destroy us!

Of course, we've heard it all before, haven't we? This is just the latest hatchet job that's tried to break us – Panorama, Dispatches, World in Action, the Cook Report – they've all spent fortunes trying to write us off as 'finished'.

We're fighting back… and we're going to win!

Well, I'm pleased to be able to tell you that the only thing that has finished is our willingness to stand and let the media liars treat us like punchbags. Not this time. Not any more. We're fighting back, and I'm going to tell you how.

On Sunday the 11th September our National Organiser Adam Walker organised a special meeting in the East Midlands with forty of our key members and officials. The BBC Panorama programme makers thought that they were going to interrogate me, using cleverly placed lighting and bullying questions about empty allegations to make me look isolated and sinister.

But before they arrived, we dissected this latest attempt by the BBC to use recycled lies, half-truths and out-of-date factlets to smear us all. All forty of the top officials, councillors and organisers present agreed unanimously that the British National Party would not be co-operating with the BBC. Everyone agreed that no genuine nationalist would help a bitterly anti-British organisation make such hate-filled propaganda. 

Even better, we decided that our fight back would start right away. We agreed to give the BBC mind-benders a taste of their own medicine! So when Darragh MacIntyre, his cameraman and producer walked into the smart hotel room, their jaws hit the floor:

See the tools your generosity has already given us - We had two broadcast-quality cameras and professional-level cameramen ready (just one of the many ways in which earlier generous donations from people like you backing the British National Party has equipped us to punch way above our weight). We had brand new professional backdrops, so that their cameras couldn't avoid our brilliant Heart for Britain logo and the address of our hugely popular website.

When you see their faces on our 'Turning the Tables on the BBC' mini-documentary, you'll see just how well our ambush against the BBC bullies worked. They were dumbfounded as I read the statement that we had polished before they got there. Believe me, it felt so good to give it to them straight!

We published the statement online within the hour and, remarkably, the BBC have also put it on their own website (which is one of the few political sites with an even bigger reach than ours) so a vast number of people have seen us get in the first blow in this bruising media war. Because I want to make sure that you've seen it too, click here to see our statement on our website.

The BBC – employers of murderers and child rapists

The moment I finished my statement, our audience erupted in applause as I walked straight out of the room. Then Simon Darby took over, pummelling the speechless 'investigators' with questions of his own about the BBC's own record of employing child rapists and sadistic murderers. All this under the pitiless glare of spotlights and TV cameras of our own. What a result!

Of of the most shocking example that our research team had uncovered was the conviction for murder of a BBC journalist working for "MacIntyre Undercover". James Raven beat, whipped, burned and sexually assaulted his victim with a metal bar before he died.

Leslie Grantham wasn't so cold-bloodedly brutal to Felix Reese when he killed him in 1966, but to my mind Panorama has no right going on about 'criminality' when the BBC's bosses were happy to employ the convicted murderer Grantham to play Dirty Den in the propaganda fantasy Eastenders.

These are the type of people employed by the BBC, who think that we will continue to pay our TV Licence Fee, sit and swallow their lies. Well, no more! From now on we fight fire with fire! We take the fight to them!

Panorama producer doesn't like being questioned on camera!

This new combative approach is only possible because help from people like you has given, and continues to give, us the resources to fight back for truth and justice in such imaginative and effective ways. When you see MacIntyre being given a taste of his own medicine, when you see producer James Oliver shaking and sweating like a criminal caught red-handed, remember that we couldn't have done it without our loyal supporters. As you know, beating the liberal-left elite is a team effort.

An attack on the Party bleeds us all - It matters to all of us. It matters to you. Because when the controlled media recycle lies about me and other top officials, they aren't just attacking our British National Party, they're also trying to smear every member and supporter individually. Remember, an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us!

Make no mistake, we're in for a rough half hour when that programme goes out. We've got our fight back organised, but if we don't have the extra funds we need for this vital campaign we would have to fight with one hand tied behind our back.

Clive Jefferson is doing a fantastic job as National Treasurer. He's slashed our overheads and has cleared so many debts that the year-old figures being used by the BBC bear no relationship to reality.

But he's done that by refusing to let even really important projects like this go ahead unless there's the hard cash in the bank to pay for them up front. No more credit. No more debts. So if we don't get one or two donations of at least £1,000, and several of £500, on top of all the smaller ones that are so greatly needed and appreciated, the exciting plans below will remain just that – exciting plans.

I'm determined to ensure that the mud the BBC throw at us doesn't stick, so let me share a few insights as to what we're lining up for our War on the BBC:


Our press spokesman Simon Darby worked late into Sunday night to issue Freedom of Information demands to the BBC. We're pushing for the inside BBC dirt on their criminal convictions, decisions to attack us and how much they've paid the traitors to take part in their hatchet job. We've really got the BBC here – if they answer, we find their guilty secrets; if they refuse, they'll look even more dishonest than they do already!


Our design and IT teams are building a special section on our website (which is more popular than those of all the other parties put together) exposing the BBC's lies and Common Purpose anti-British subversion. We'll publish all our written answers to the questions the BBC submit to us, so that if they try to fool people by chopping our honest replies, even more people will learn just how bent they really are.


We're trawling through the fine print of the BBC's accounts for details of the expenses claims of top BBC executives. Although their friends in the rest of the controlled media have kept quiet about it, there's a vast haul of material available when you know where to look – right down to their favourite posh hotels.


Our technical team are already working on a groundbreaking campaign to ensure 'Turning the Tables on the BBC' goes viral on YouTube. And our friends and allies in nationalist parties all over the world have agreed to use their own Internet outreach power to publicise our video.

Our Nationalist friends know from bitter experience that the controlled media lie in the middle of a sinister spider's web of deceit, mind-manipulation and subversion. So they're already excited about having the opportunity to help us while showing their own people that we don't have to be helpless victims anymore. Thanks to modern technology and our big hearts, we can all give as good as we get.


The controlled media have enjoyed decades of 'door-stepping' their victims. The TV bullies love persecuting the families of their enemies and to take a perverse delight in poking their noses and cameras into the private troubles and grief of the heart-broken victims of every kind of tragedy. They're like vultures with cameras instead of beaks, aren't they?

Well, now we're going to give them a taste of their own medicine. We're going to track down their top executives in their mansions, and we're going to knock on their doors. We're going to be very polite about it, but we're going to be asking them to explain on camera their anti-British bias, their tax-guzzling expenses claims, their eye-watering salaries – and whether they think it's right that more women get sent to prison in the UK for non-payment of their Licence Fee than for any other 'crime'.


Did you know that, if the BBC had stuck to their own rules, we should have had FIVE Question Time appearances by now? Real ones, that is, not the lynch mob they laid on for me.

So we've launched a rolling campaign to get us back on Question Time. We're starting this with a demonstration outside the Question Time venue in Liverpool on the evening of Thursday 29th September. This is in my constituency and is likely to be just a few days after the Panorama smear is aired. For the BBC to devote a whole programme to attacking us while denying our million voters their right to see a bit of British National Party common sense is a fresh twist to their censorship scandal!

Our North West Regional Organiser Cllr Mike Whitby has called the demonstration. I will be there and I invite you to join me. Contact your Local or Regional Organiser, or call us on 0844 809 4581 for more details.

With your help, the above becomes possible - In order to implement these exciting plans, we need money, right now. I need your help to take our war to the BBC and to show them that – far from finishing us off – they've spurred us on to even greater efforts to break through their Iron Curtain of alternating smears and silence. I need your help, and I need it now.

Imagine how good it will feel as you're laughing off the Panorama smears to know that you've taken action yourself. To know that you've done your bit to help us to use their very deceit to help even more decent people understand how the controlled media strive to subvert our democracy and scheme to destroy our identity.

Very many thanks for your continued loyal support and dedication.

Yours sincerely,

Nick Griffin

Nick Griffin MEP

British National Party Leader"



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    Dear "xchurchresident"
    Any political party's news may be included on this site as it is open to debate. However anything which contains racist or unsavoury remarks will not be inlcuded. The article was from a press release from the BNP and did not contain any such remarks, indeed the article was regarding their relationship with the BBC.
    Should any party wish us to publish their press releases we will do so on a non-biased basis. We do not favour any political party or views and report impartially.

    By Com_Publisher at 23:34 on 18/01/12

  • Profile image for xchresident

    I've just seen this artical. Why is the BNP being given this huge space on christchurchpeople as a platform for their unsavoury views? !
    The end result of racism and ethnic cleansing is unfortunately plain to see all over the world. International Holocaust Remembrance Day, January 27, is just one reminder of where groups like Nick Griffin's lead us.
    There is no place for racism in our community.

    By xchresident at 08:18 on 17/01/12

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    I am not a member of the BNP, and I never will be a member, but you have to admit, they are not wrong on everything.

    They say in public what 80% of the population tend to say in private, but will never admit to it.

    By ekkythump at 17:57 on 22/09/11

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